Display-Port AOC

Luxshare-TECH Display-Port 1.4 active optical cable assembly can provide good performance and quality. Luxshare-TECH AOC can support up to 8K video display, each lane operates 8.1Gbps, which the total bandwidth is 32.4Gbps. Compliant to link with all DP Type connector devices. And all the design is based on the industry standard specifications, such as DP1.4.

  • Composed of optical fiber for added flexibility, making them thinner and lighter.
  • Compliant to link with all Display-Port Type connector or interface devices.
  • Compliant with DP1.4 HBR3 /1.2 version.
  • Pluggable and hot-swappable.
  • Date rate: 32.4Gbps (8.1Gbps per channel).
  • Support 8K / 4K / 1080p / 720p format.
  • Support AUX / HPD.
  • ROHS Compliant.

PN Form Factor Data Rate Media Distance①(m) Wavelength(nm) Voltage(V) Temp
PA0BB1601-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 10m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1602-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 15m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1701-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 20m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1801-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 30m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1901-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 40m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1911-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 50m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1902-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 60m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1903-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 70m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1904-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 80m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1905-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 90m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃
PA0BB1906-CS-R DP1.4 32.4Gbps MMF 100m 850nm 3.3 -10/+60℃