SFP+ Loopback

SFP+ series Loopback module is used for testing SFP+ transceiver ports under board level tests. This module is packaged in standard MSA housing compatible with all of SFP+ IO ports. The module can loop 1 lane 10Gbps transmitting data back to receiver port, it provides an efficient way to verify SFP+ IO ports during R&D test, manufacturing testing and field testing.

  • 3.3V voltage supply
  • Supports 10Gbps electrical interface
  • Loops back TX to RX on the ports
  • Input / Output differential 100+/-10% ohm
  • -5 dB attenuation
  • I2C interface & MSA compatible
  • 4 independent power heathers, with 0.2W solution up to 3W
  • Hot pluggable module
  • 2 statues LED indicator
  • Temperature monitor and alarms warning
  • Customer memory maps
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Low speed signal control

Product Numbers Product Description
LA0SF201-SD-R SFP+ Loopback -5dB 1W