NGSFP External Cable

NGSFP is a new pluggable Small Form Factor for Next Generation external high-port interconnection. Luxshare-TECH designs such NGSFP external cable assembly of high-lane density, higher rate interface and lowest cost.

  • Compliant with NGSFP MSA 1.0
  • Mating with 22-pin NGSFP board connector, backward compatible with SFP+, DSFP
  • Latching mechanism compatible with SFP+, DSFP
  • Cable length up to 3.5 meters
  • Ultra low insertion loss and excellent SI performance
  • I2C based two-wire serial interface of EEPROM signal
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~+70℃
  • All materials comply with RoHS2.0

Product Numbers Product Description
LA0DFXXX-SD-R DSFP 100G 30AWG 1.0M Passive Cable Assembly
LA0DFXXX-SD-R DSFP 100G 28AWG 2.0M Passive Cable Assembly
LA0DFXXX-SD-R DSFP 100G 26AWG 3.0M Passive Cable Assembly