S-QSFP-DD(200G) and U-QSFP-DD(400G) Loopback

Luxshare-TECH’s Super QSFP-DD(200G) and Ultra QSFP-DD(400G) passive electrical loopback module is used for high speed testing application for QSFP-DD host ports. The Super QSFP-DD(200G) and Ultra QSFP-DD(400G) loopback are designed for 200Gbps and 400Gbps Gigabit Ethernet applications seperately, which the loopback provides 8x28Gbps(NRZ) or 8x56Gbps(PAM4) RX and TX lanes, I2C module management interface and all the QSFP-DD SFF hardware signals. This Loopback module loops back 8-lane 28Gbps or 56Gbps transmitting data from the Host back to 8-lane 28Gbps or 56Gbps receiving data port to the Host, it provides an efficient way to verify QSFP-DD ports during R&D test, production testing and field testing. Luxshare-TECH Super QSFP-DD(200G) and Ultra QSFP-DD(400G) Loopback provides programmable power dissipation up to 15W~20W allowing the module to emulate all the QSFP-DD power classes. It also provides a voltage sense, an insertion counter, a power staging, a LED blinking rate, an upper temperature cut off and 4 temperature sensors.

  • High speed signals Loopback: TX are electrically looped back to RX per lane with attenuation options at 28Gbps/lane or 56Gbps/lane
  • Data communication interface: The Loopback Module supports the same I2C interface as optical module
  • LED indicator: A dual-color LED shows low/high power mode status and I2C enable/disable status
  • Power control: Power dissipation could be controlled by I2C artificially, Range 0-20W, resolution is 0.2W
  • Temperature monitor: 2 sensors on PCBA, another two closed to shell. Temp data could be read by I2C
  • Cut-off temperature: A Cut-off temperature is pre-defined by register. Avoiding the overheating
  • Insertion counter: Insertion action could be counted and it is nonvolatile
  • Voltage monitoring: Vcc could be detected. Range 0~3600mV, Resolution 0.1mV
  • Device information read/write access right: System ID, Revision, Module dynamic info. Password entry etc
  • Low speed signal: Modsel, Reset, Lpmode, Modprsl, IntL, SCL&SDA etc
  • Visual software interface: Intelligent user interface available

Product Numbers Product Description
LA0DD057-SD-R QSFP-DD Loopback
LA0DD058-SD-R QSFP-DD Heater
LA0DD059-SD-R QSFP-DD Loopback Power 12w