OmniEdge™ ASM

Luxshare-TECH’s OmniEdge™ ASM is 0.6mm pin pitch, ultra small form factor to save the space on the PCB and minimize the mating height above board. The robust mechanical structure design and the stable pull-to-release latching achieve the best mating reliability.

  • 0.6mm pin pitch, ultra small form factor
  • 85ohm and 92ohm differential impedance for SAS4.0 PCIe4.0/5.0/6.0 and Ethernet both application for excellent SI performance
  • 38, 50, 74, 124, 148 pins for PCIe multi-lanes design and 100 pin or other pins available upon request
  • 32G NRZ & 56G PAM4 data rate with potential up to 64G PAM4 & 112G PAM4
  • Proven anti skew-mate
  • Simple structural keying/polarizing of very strong mechanical feature
  • Robust and stable pull-to-release latching
  • Board end connector accepts 1.57mm Add-In-Card as well for increased application flexibility
  • Provide connector mated with customer paddle card and board connector mated with cable options
  • Provide Vertical/Right angle board connector and VT/RA cable plug options for all application

Product Numbers Product Description
PAS074-3511-000-0H ASM VT shielded conn.Au:30u"
PAS074-7511-000-0H ASM R/A shielded conn.Au:30u"