OCulink Cable

Luxshare-TECH Oculink focuses on the internal and external interconneciton based on PCIe protocol. It is a Small Form Factor connector and cable product family. Luxshare-TECH Oculink is compliant to SAS and PCIe protocol. And as a high speed product, Oculink could support PCIe up to 16Gbps, and meet SAS4.0 specification.

  • Support cable to board application
  • Multiple channels are optional: 4X is most commonly used type
  • Small size design with great robustness : pitch 0.5mm connector and max 25N wrenching test
  • Excellent SI performance: signal rates up to PCIe4 16GT/s, SAS 4.0 24Gbps
  • Compatible with diverse industry standards and protocols including SAS, PCIe
  • Straight, right angle, side exit and customization cable plug are optional
  • 85 ohm and 100 ohm impedances are optional
  • 31-34AWG cables are available for both discrete and ribbon cable
  • RoHS compliant. Halogen free is available on request

Product Numbers Product Description
LA0OLXXX-SD-R Internal OCulink 4i Cable Assembly 1.0 m 31 AWG
LA0OLXXX-SD-R Internal OCulink 4i Cable Assembly 0.7 m 32 AWG
LA0OLXXX-SD-R Internal OCulink 4i Cable Assembly 0.5 m 34 AWG