RJ Signal Connector

Luxshare-TECH RJ signal connector is the product for next generation small edge computing, IOT and small switch. It could be assembled on the spot easily. Transmission characteristics (category) is CAT6A. This solution support cable assemble on site, 8 pin with colors and figures mark easy to operate cable assembly have suspension link release the lock.

  • Connection method is IDC
  • Cable Feed is Straight, content reconnect ability, Full EMI shielding,Locking, Latch
  • Connection cross section AWG to 23 -24 AWG(solid/stranded)
  • MAX cable diameter from 5 mm to 9 mm
  • External cable diameter from 5 mm to 9 mm
  • Degree of protection is IP20

Product Numbers Product Description
RG2T0Z-Z6B3-KZ1-3R RJ45 Field Termination 10G PLUG Connector