Internal MiniSAS-HD(24G)

MiniSAS-HD High Density connector system is the next generation SAS system that provides faster data rate and more bandwidth. The interface also can be adopted to the SAS and PCIe standards. It provides double the port density interface against the current MiniSAS connectors with1x1(4x), 1x2(8x) and 1x4(16x)ports available. Luxshare-TECH provides right angle type with Press-Fit application.

  • High density high speed
  • 1x1(4x), 1x2(8x) and 1x4(16x) port options, right angle type
  • Provide 4 high speed channel per port
  • 0.75mm contact pitch and 30% smaller than MiniSAS
  • 92Ohm impedance design which can compatible both SAS and PCIe
  • Supports SAS4.0, SAS3.0, PCIe4.0 and PCIe3.0 peformance

Product Numbers Product Description
PMSB36-1301-000-0H  MiniSAS-HD Conn.1x1 24G,R/A,30u”Au,HF
PMSB72-1301-000-0H MiniSAS-HD Conn.1x2 24G,R/A,30u”Au,HF
PMSBA3-1301-000-0H  MiniSAS-HD Conn.1x4 24G,R/A,30u”Au,HF