Gen-Z Series

Luxshare-TECH Gen-Z products family is high density, high speed performance, paddle card edge connector series for next Gen. PCIe Gen.4, Gen.5 application, evolved up to the further PCIe Gen.6. The 0.60mm Gen-Z connectors conform to SFF-TA-1002, OCP NIC 3.0 specification. Luxshare-TECH Gen-Z provides the full range of configuration: 1C,2C,4C,4C+,8C and HP ( high power pin ) options.

  • Signal pin pitch at 0.60mm with current rating of 1.1A, up to 12 pins for power application
  • Signal pins options from 56, 84, 140, 168, 280
  • High power pin optionprovide additional power supply 55A @ 12/48VDC
  • Customization of pin count upon request
  • Small form factor
  • Discrete pin design could support all high speed differential pairs application
  • Supports 1.6mm thick mating board
  • Provides power for module card
  • Serves as a space-saving connector
  • Supports single-ended, high speed differential pairs up to 32G NRZ, 56G PAM4, 112G PAM4
  • For most standard BTB applications

Product Numbers Product Description
PGZB56-5300-000-1H  1C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn. With shell
PGZB84-5300-000-1H 2C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn. With shell
PGZBA4-5300-000-1H  4C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn.With shell
PGZB56-5300-004-1H  1C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn. Without shell
PGZB84-5300-004-1H  2C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn. Without shell
PGZBA4-5300-004-1H   4C VERTICAL Gen-Z Conn. Without shell
PGZB56-6300-000-1H  1C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.With shell
PGZB84-6300-000-1H 2C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.With shell
PGZBA4-6300-000-1H  4C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.With shell
PGZB56-6300-004-1H  1C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.Without shell 
PGZB84-6300-004-1H 2C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.Without shell 
PGZBA4-6300-004-1H 4C rightangle Gen-Z Conn.Without shell
PGZBA4-9300-005-1H 4C straddle Mount. 2.36mm
PGZBA6-9300-005-1H 4C+ straddle Mount.2.36mm
PGZB56-1301-000-0H Gen-Z 1C orthogonal type, Au 30u"