Low Profile SlimSAS

Low Profile SlimSAS Connector is designed for higher speed and smaller size solution in computing, storage and switch devices, it is used in application of 24Gb/s SAS signal, 16GT/s PCIe signal and UPI between CPUs. With 0.60 mm contact pitch, Low Profile SlimSAS solutions are smaller than standard slimsas and MiniSAS-HD to save space in end devices. Metal shell on receptacle and latch on plug to provide high reliable interconnection.

  • 74pin (8i) with Vertical and Right angle type options
  • Higher port density than MiniSAS-HD and smaller size than standard slimsas
  • Mating height is only 13.4 mm in vertical type
  • Board size is only 11.9 mm width in right angle type
  • Supports SAS 4.0 (24Gbps), UPI 11.2(16GT/s) and PCIe 4.0 (16GT/s)

Product Numbers Product Description
PSL060-74B3-T0A-1H  Right Angle x8