M2M Connector

NEXT-GENERATION HIGH SPEED INTERCONNECT SOLUTION- UP TO 56G PAM4 PCIe® Gen 5 Luxshare introduces the next-generation – Mini Cool Edge IO. The 0.60mm pitch connector comes with a slim form factor design, capable of transmitting high-speed signal up to 56G PAM4/PCIe® Gen 5, and allowing much greater signal path lengths while maintaining SI performance when compared to conventional pcb routing methods.

  • Up to 56Gb/s PAM4, PCIe® Gen 5, over 1.0 meter transmission distance
  • Supports both cable and card edge applications with one identical connector
  • 85Ω/92Ω impedance and various pin number options –meeting PCIe®/NVMe/SAS/SFP(+)/QSFP specifications
  • Extends transmission range far more over the conventional PCB routes
  • Provides flexibility in system design to meet highly modular, scalable and easy-to-repair requirements
  • Saves system material cost, engineering and certification expenses with high succession of system design

Product Numbers Product Description
PMC038-3500-000-1H MCIO VT 4X 38pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u
PMC038-7500-000-1H MCIO RA 4X 38pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u
PMC074-3500-000-1H MCIO VT 8X 74pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u
PMC074-7500-000-1H MCIO RA 8X 74pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u
PMC124-3500-000-1H MCIO VT 16X 128pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u
PMC124-7500-000-1H MCIO RA 16X 128pin, 0.6mm pitch, Au 30u