U-OSFP(400G)/E-OSFP(800G) Copper Cable

Luxshare-TECH is the leading Ultra OSFP(400G)/Extreme OSFP(800G) solution provider in the industry by developing the end-to-end products including copper cable, the corresponding connector and cage.

  • Compliant with OSFP MSA Specification
  • 8 independent full-duplex passive copper cable transceiver
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3ck,IEEE802.3cd Standard
  • Support 56G (PAM4) and 112G (PAM4) electrical data rates/channel
  • I2C for EEPROM communication; Applications
  • Pull to Release latch design
  • Excellent EMI/EMC performance 360 degree cable shieldtermination
  • Advantage dual side pre-solder automated assembly technologies
  • Excellent SI performance
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Product Numbers Product Description
LA0SQ020-SD-R E-OSFP 26AWG 2.0M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ021-SD-R E-OSFP 30AWG 1.0M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ022-SD-R E-OSFP 32AWG 1.0M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ023-SD-R E-OSFP 28AWG 1.5M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ024-SD-R E-OSFP 32AWG 0.5M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ025-SD-R E-OSFP 30AWG 1.5M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ026-SD-R E-OSFP 28AWG 2.0M 800G cable assembly
LA0SQ027-SD-R E-OSFP 26AWG 2.5M 800G cable assembly