Luxshare-TECH Extreme/Ultra OSFP board I/O connector combines 8channels operating at speeds up to 112Gbps/56Gbps per channel into one affordable high-density interface(OSFP) mating with copper cable assembly oroptical Transceiver. The total port bandwidth is up to 800Gbps/400Gbps.

  • Using 60 position PT (Pluggable Transceiver) SMT connector with 8 channels
  • Ultra/Extreme OSFP I/O connector and cage mating with the standard 400Gbps/800Gbps optical transceiver and copper cable
  • Employ 8 lanes operated up to 56G PAM4 modulation or 112G PAM4 modulation
  • Providing solutions up to 400Gbps or 800Gbps aggregated bandwidth
  • Belly to belly application
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Product Numbers Product Description
PEP060-7521-000-1H Extreme OSFP Connector with solder fixture,30u"Au
PEP060-7520-000-1H Extreme OSFP Connector without solder fixture,30u"Au
PEPC11-E300-100-0R Extreme/Ultra OSFP 1X1 CAGE
PEPC11-E300-100-0R Extreme/Ultra OSFP 1X1 CAGE, normal EON,with logo, nickel preplating
PEPC41-E300-100-0R Extreme/Ultra OSFP 1X4 CAGE, normal EON,with logo, nickel preplating