Fan Module Connector

Luxshare-TECH's fan module connector is design for card-to-wire unified fan power supply and management interface in fan module. It allows wire gauges ranging from 18AWG ~ 28AWG for power, 24AWG ~ 28AWG for signal. The current carrying capacity of power pin is up to 17A, the current carrying capacity of signal pin is up to 5A, Luxshare-TECH fan connector could be adopted together with diversefans (Size: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm). The Golden fingermating interface allows customers to maintain the fan module very easily and one-piece connector design save the cost. There is a EEPROM IC assigned in connector, it is used to record operations of fan, make connector smarter. The memory size of the EEPROM IC could be customized.

  • The current carrying capacity is designed to compatible different sizes of fan (40mm, 60mm, 80mm)
  • IC in connector which is used to record operations of fan, make connector be smarter
  • Diversion cover improves air flow performance
  • Light pipe-frame orientation is on right available
  • Air deflector help optimize Air flow and maximize the Air volume in to fans
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Product Numbers Product Description
PFDV03-08083R00H Fan connector with IC,16pin,30u’ Goldplating,light pipe on the right, Gold finger mating interface