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OmniEdge™ASM Connector

Miniaturization transmission that carry high
density high speed and high frequency

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PCIe5.0 Card Edge
OmniEdge™ASM Cable
25G S-SFP28 SR


Luxshare can more better meets your demands under different scenarios and applications

About US

We, Dongguan Luxshare Technology Co., Ltd., are a leading technology provider for data-communication facilities and enterprise-level products in China, and a subsidiary of Luxshare Precision, and a global OEM/ODM that dedicated for designing and manufacturing 5G related products. The core products & solutions include not only antennas station, wave filters, RRUs, but also communication components, such as connectors, cables, optical modules, AOCs and interconnection products. Based on creative design that supplemented by AI & smart manufacturing and strong partnerships, we parallel with the world class technology leaders to collaborate and develop solutions for the interconnection industry.
We are running our business cross over the global communications and enterprise-level......
1 《Next Generation Data Center High Speed Copper Technology White Paper Share》 [2020-11-26]

In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet and cloud computing has given rise to ultra-large-scale data centers.......

2 2020 ODCC Show Ends Successfully, LUXSHARE-ICT Technology forges ahead [2020-09-17]

With the government's proposal to accelerate new infrastructure in 2020, China's new infrastructure projects are on the......

3 Review | 2019 Year-End Appreciation Ceremony LUXSHARE Technologies OmniEdge™ ASM product family, a purely home-grown "sports car" that travels at high speed on the communication interconnection road!! [2020-08-30]

Currently, in the field of communication interconnection, as a vital high-speed interconnection interface, China has been......

4 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection headlines China's high-end manufacturing, LUXSHARE-ICT Precision becomes an excellent representative of the industry [2020-08-24]

On August 22, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision published a headline article......

5 Unlock the new posture of LUXSHARE-ICT Technology | Optical Module Cage Total Solution Series [2020-04-14]

The traditional data center network is divided into three layers: the access layer, the aggregation layer and the core layer. The......

6 LUXSHARE-ICT Technologies' Gen-Z product family makes interconnected high-speed channels "silky smooth" [2020-03-20]

Gen-Z is an open system interconnection, designed to provide a unified access interface and "data language" through direct interconnection......

7 LUXSHARE-ICT QSFP-DD Full Range of Products to Deliver Next-Generation Data Center Solutions [2020-03-05]

Due to the limitation of traditional IO solutions for data traffic transmission, it is urgent to develop a new generation of high-speed IO solutions.....

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